DoG Street Pub

Growler Grip Cap for 64 ounce Growler

Keep growler fills of your favorite brew fresher, longer!
The patent-pending GrowlerGasket™ lets you easily upgrade the most common jug-style growler with an improved gasket that seals in freshness.
Our custom version features an artfully crafted, antique copper medallion with enamel injected Dog Street Pub colors. It’s truly one-of-a-kind!
Your beer deserves it!
The Cap
  • Durable, lightweight ABS plastic construction
  • Silicone gasket provides anti-bacterial, superior seal
  • Inner dome shape for enhanced seal = fresher beer
  • Designed and Made in America

    The Gasket

    • FDA Approved Silicone Base
    • Extended Life vs. Rubber
    • Thickest Screw-Cap Gasket in the Industry
    • Better Compression Value Among Other Beer Vessel Gaskets (Including Flip-top!)
    • Seal Keeps Beer Fresh for 2+ Weeks
    • Easy Removal for Periodic Cleaning (Zero Bacteria)
    • Replacement Kits Available